Y-7300 Combination Temperature and Metal Detector

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The Y-7300 Walkthrough Thermal Metal Detector integrates the functionality of temperature measurement into a walkthrough metal detection security screener. Featuring an alarm that sounds when an abnormally high temperature has been detected, this screening device can effectively help prevent the spread of large- scale diseases.

The Y-7300 has been designed to have world-class electromagnetic compatibility and shock resistance, and this high-sensitivity equipment is suitable for screening for knives, guns and other dangerous objects in addition to monitoring body temperatures, and is widely used in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, courts, businesses, airports, bus stations, subway stations, railroad stations, exhibition halls, conference centers and other high-traffic or crowded locations where accurate and efficient monitoring is necessary.

Product Highlights

Infrared Non-Contact Thermal Detection:

  • Avoids personal contact with visitors
  • Safer distance: Measurement taken 2 inches from measuring sensor
  • Fast temperature detection: 1 second per person
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Large digital display
  • Sounding alarm system
  • ADA compliant available
  • Measuring range temperature: 90°-109° F
  • Surface mode: 32°-212° F
  • Delivery in 10-14 days

Metal detector specifications

  • 12 independent detection zones
  • Aluminum Alloy frame with Self Calibration
  • LED lamp indicates the alarming position on side panels
  • Built in Counter of total people crossed and alarmed
  • Alarm time adjustable 0-25s
  • Alarm volume adjustable: 0-255