CEIA PMD2 Plus Enhanced Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector

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Strict requirements and detection needs call for security checkpoints to perform efficiently even under very challenging conditions. The PMD2 Plus detects firearms and knives, even when they are hidden within body cavities, and accurately indicate the position of the threat, its intensity and its prevalent composition. Yates Protect is an authorized dealer for CEIA, the global leaders in metal detection. 

Available with a variety of additional features and accessories including Weather Resistant Protection, Anti-Tampering Protection, Advance Power Supply, Integrated Camera System, and Thermal Detection Unit for fever detection. If you're interested in accessories or have specific application needs please contact us at (312) 882-5431 or sales@yatesprotect.com.

Key Features

  • Superior Detection and Throughput
  • High Discrimination of Non-Threat Items
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Compliant with the strictest Security
  • Standards for weapons detection
  • New mechanical structure with IP66- IP65
  • protection degree
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Aesthetic, Unobtrusive and Light Weight
  • Rapid Installation


  • Up to 50 built-in Security Programs
    • Up to 30 International Standards
    • Up to 20 Customizable Levels

Setting the Security Levels could not be easier and more versatile than
in the PMD2 Plus. Users can choose directly from the known International
Standards or request implementation of a Standard personalized to their
own requirements. Users can also create their own program and save it in
internal memory for later use.

  • Chip Card system for fast, simple and secure parameter changes (i.e. alarm volume and tone, counter reading, etc.) and security level selection
  • Any security standard can be enhanced with selectable random alarm probability
  • The system allows Security Management to set the Security Level quickly, reliably and without having to program the device in any way.
CEIA PMD2 Plus Walkthrough Metal Detector Card Reader


  • Capability to detect the full range of metal weapon threats even within body cavities
  • Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
  • Guaranteed coverage for all orientations and locations, never in need of calibration
  • Met-Identity technology for Identification of Threat Composition


  • Cutting-edge discrimination technology allows personal effects to be ignored, creating rapid transit flow
  • No need to remove items such as belts, coins, keys, jewelry, watches, wallets, etc.
  • Better Discrimination = Shorter Lines and/or Less Staffing
CEIA PMD2 Plus Walkthrough Metal Detector Alarm and No Alarm Visual


Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes the Metal Detector easy to use even when electrical noise is encountered.

CEIA PMD2 Plus Noise Immunity