About Yates Protect

Based in Chicago, IL, Yates Protect is a minority-owned business focused on protecting our communities and providing simple solutions to big problems. 

We currently specialize in providing air purification, metal detectors, access control, thermal detection, PPE, and other safety and health solutions for public and private institutions.

We believe safety is a right not a privilege and do everything we can to help public entities and companies protect their people. We offer high-quality goods and the best technologies on the market to deliver peace of mind so your schools, offices, public events, restaurants, sports events, concerts, and other gatherings can be safe, secure, and enjoyable.  


Dr. William Yates, MD

Dr. William Yates, MD is the founder and owner of Yates Enterprises. He grew up on the south side of Chicago and obtained his Medical Degree from Northwestern University's prestigious Medical Degree Honors Program. Dr. Yates then practiced as a renowned Trauma Surgeon for many years where he witnessed first-hand the devastating results of gun violence. He is now passionate about providing effective security and safety solutions to schools and other venues to prevent the increasing incidences of tragedy and sickness in our nation.  

Irene Tsai, PhD

Irene Tsai, PhD is a Bio-Medical Engineer/Polymer Scientist that has joined Yates Protect as an expert in the application of infrared thermal scanning technology.