The Yates Device

The Yates Device

Commitment to quality. Designed to protect you.

Stay prepared and protected for the unexpected. There has been an increase in carjackings nationwide. When you least expect it, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation faced with a carjacker.  With The Yates Device, the tap of a button will trigger a delayed siren response, bright flashing lights, and activate a camera to record and assist in notifying the police.  


●A notification System capable of over 100+ decibels of alarm sound.

● System displays intense flashing lights capable of 1000+ lumens.

● A closed loop uninterruptible System that does not interfere with vehicles manufacturer wiring harness.

● A notification system that verbally announces that the vehicle has been stolen and or occupant is in distress.

● Scalable to integrate vehicles existing antitheft or over air software and or hardware system.

● A system that allows rightful vehicle occupants to activate the Yates solution on a programmable preset time delay in the event of an emergency.

● A system that cannot be deactivated for a minimum of 10 minutes and programmable for up to 120+ minutes of constant notification.

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