Prevent and Deter Carjackings with The Yates Device

Posted by Lily McNally on

The Yates Device is a system composed of bright LED lights, ear-piercing sirens, and a camera that begins recording at the tap of a button located underneath the break pedal. With a delayed timer, the lights and sirens are activated once the victim is far enough from the car. Not only does this device help locate your vehicle and inform police officers of the incident, but it also has the ability to save your life and prevent other potential criminal acts from occurring with your stolen vehicle. 

The newest addition to Yates Protect comes during a time when carjackings are on the rise. Between 2019 and 2020, there was a 135% increase in carjacking incidents in Chicago. In Chicago that number was 1,417 carjackings in 2020. Since the start of 2021, those numbers continue to rise and at the rate of carjacking reports, Chicago law enforcement is anticipating over 1,800 reports for 2021.

This is a problem nationwide too. As modern made cars have become harder to steal over the years, carjacking is seen as an opportunistic crime in which the perpetrator takes advantage of individuals in running cars, or cars about to be started. This has also proven to be major problem with rideshare and delivery drivers who risk their lives by picking up strangers, and leaving their car unattended while making deliveries. 

Most carjacking incidents are reported, but the majority are rarely solved and when they are, they are often found to be committed by juveniles, who do not face harsh punishment.

With easy professional installation, The Yates Device is an effective solution to prevent and deter carjackings. Don't put your live at risk, stay prepared with The Yates Device.