Y-Q11 Thermal Hybrid Camera

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The Y-Q11 Thermal Hybrid Camera is a faster, more sanitary way to identify a person in a large group with an elevated temperature. The camera can simultaneously detect the temperature of up to 50 people, in real time, with a detection accuracy of 0.3° C/0.54° F. The system immediately sends alerts upon detection of individuals with high body temperatures, minimizing infection risks in your organization. The hybrid technology of the camera allows thermal measurement as well as regular video surveillance. This system is ideal for industrial sectors, and companies that are large and have high-volume traffic.

Product Functions

  • Non-contact automatic temperature monitoring & instant measurement response
  • Records abnormal temperature information automatically
  • Captures person’s identity automatically with facial recognition system feature
  • Live video monitoring Al Search: Searching by event, or face pictures
  • Up to 20-channel face recognition with face detection IPC
  • Up to 50 face databases with 300,000 face pictures in total

Thermal Hybrid Camera

  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 3 x 3.3 Inches
  • Temperature measurement time: Less than 0.5s for 95% of readings
  • Operates with minimum distance of 15 cm/6 in
  • Photograph function and SD card storage
  • Non-contact temperature measurement

Black Body Calibrator

As a standard radiation source, black body has been widely used for calibrating infrared light systems, measuring material emissivity, measuring parameters of infrared sensors, and transmitting temperature between infrared emitter and thermal device.

  • Supports calibration of thermal device in high accuracy
  • Supports different temperature settings
  • High accuracy and good stability
  • Easy temperature calibration and correction
  • Strong ability of anti-interference